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Filmmakers of Color Challenge

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Watch 12 films directed and/or written by people of color
The point of this comm is to watch films written and/or directed by people of color.

There are three ways to participate in the comm. Choose what best suits you:

1. Do the Challenge: watch twelve films directed and/or written by creators of color in the course of a year. Watch your movies, count your movies, and post your write-ups/reviews/impressions.

2. Do a variant of the challenge: commit to twelve films, but take more than a year if you need to. Or watch the films, and write them up as and when you have time. Or keep count of the movies written and directed by creators of color that you see in a year. Or some other variant that makes sense to you and pushes you to watch movies by creators of color.

3. Skip the counting, but post recommendations and/or reviews, and otherwise encourage people to watch films by creators of color.

Basically, we just want people to watch movies by creators of color. We’re pretty open to any degree of participation that furthers that end. We don't even care which movies you watch, so long as they're written and or/directed by writers and directors of color. Seriously, you can watch fun movies. Movies that make you happy. Movies that get your kink on. They just have to be by creators of color.

Before posting, please read the Frequently Asked Questions: why people do the challenge, who/what "counts", how to tag your posts, and other ways to earn the everlasting affection of the mods.

(No, seriously: go read the FAQ.)

Who can join?
The community is open and unmoderated. For now.

How do I contact the mods?

* rushthatspeaks: rushthatspeaks at gmail dot com

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The structure and some of the language of this info is taken gratefully and with permission from 50books_poc.